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Purchasing a high-quality air conditioner, especially on such hot summer days, is a valuable investment for your house. However, suppose you want your conditioner to have a long lifespan and good working conditions. In that case, you should be careful about any warning signs and seek a competent expert’s help if you notice any problem. You can contact the professionals at Fresno Air Conditioning Repair, and they will fixate your AC in a fast and effective manner.

However, you do not have to be a professional just to notice the possible troubleshooting. In this guide, you will learn about the most common AC problems, which will make your life easier as you are more likely to fix your AC problems as soon as possible. 

  • Your Conditioner Is Always Operating

The common problem is that your air conditioner is constantly running, and it’s never enough to keep your room and house cool. An efficient air conditioner cools your home fast, and you occasionally turn it down to give it a chance to wind down for some time. However, if your AC is always turned on, your electric bills should be skyrocketing. The problem may be due to a thermostat, compressor, electrical components, or air filters. Before calling a repair person, turn down the thermostat to see if it stops your AC from operating. If it is not the case, you can confidently call a professional on Fresno Air Conditioning Repair.

  • Your AC is not turning on.

Another problem is that your AC does not run at all. There are three possible causes why you cannot turn your AC on; thermostat issue, strumbled circuit breaker, and loose wiring. But beforehand, check the batteries. If the batteries are dead, replace them. Check the thermostat settings to see whether the cooling mode is on with your selected temperature settings and if the batteries are in good working order. If there is no problem with your thermostat, then your circuit breaker must have been stuck. In this case, the circuit breaker can be reset by turning the switch off and on again. However, these issues are more complex than they may seem. Do not try to fix the wire on your own. Our skilled Fresno Air Conditioning Repair technicians are equipped with sophisticated diagnostic equipment that aids in the diagnosis of any electrical issues.

  • Your AC is not blowing cold air.

This common issue can appear in two obvious ways. The first scenario is when air is not coming out of the duct at all, or in the second scenario, air comes out of the vent, but it does not seem like cold air at all. This issue is simple to resolve. Most of the time, it’s merely a tripped circuit breaker. It’s also conceivable that the blower belt has worn out and must be replaced. Low refrigerant levels might also make it difficult to cool.

  • Your AC is blowing hot air.

It’s the least pleasant thing when in the middle of hot summer days, you feel hot air coming out of the air conditioner. The most widespread cause is debris in air filters, deterrent in the vents or any dirt causing the compressor to overheat. It’s also conceivable that the amount of refrigerant in the system is low. The best practical way to avoid such problems is to have your air conditioner cleaned at least once a year or two as well as replace filters every month.

  • Your AC makes a strange noise.

Depending on the sort of malfunction, an air conditioner might emit a variety of sounds. There is a multitude of reasons why your air conditioner makes various noises; for example, a refrigerant leak might cause a buzzing noise. It might also be a breaker problem if you hear clicking sounds when turning on and off your air conditioner. Noises like thudding, rattling, or pounding indicate a blower or motor assembly problem. A screaming noise is produced by the compressor or fan motor. Faulty electrical components can also cause a buzzing sound.

  • Sensor problem

A thermostat sensor is located near the air conditioner’s evaporator coil. The thermostat keeps track of the air temperature in the evaporating coil and adjusts the cooling to fit the room’s temperature. The air conditioner may switch on and off at random or cycle constantly if the sensor is moved out of place. The evaporator coil and the sensor should be placed near together but not touching. To adjust the sensor, bend the wire that holds it in place.

  • Drainage problem

The Drain pipeline is also essential for the proper functioning of your air conditioner. If there is built of dirt and debris, the water may not drain properly, which in its turn causes fungus and mould.

  • Your AC has a weird smell.

Some homeowners may notice either a burning smell from the air conditioner or a mouldy odour from the AC vent or when they come too close to the AC units. Burning smells might indicate a problem with the motor’s wiring. If your air filters become clogged, the system might overheat, resulting in burning odours. At the same time, clogged drains cause mustiness odour. If you feel a burning smell turn off the AC as soon as possible and call a professional. Our professionals at Fresno Air Conditioning Repair will help you with any issue that you might face with your AC.